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How To Tie a Bow With Wholesale Satin Ribbon

We all know that when you have a birthday party, the wrapping makes a big difference. It’s like giving a loved one a card without an envelope—you just wouldn’t do it. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a stock of wholesale satin ribbon lying around. Consider buying a spool of your favorite color ribbon wholesale, such as a peacock or deep turquoise satin ribbon. With your favorite color wholesale satin ribbons as a gifting staple you can change the box according to the season or occasion.

The Standard Bow

Once you have your box and your gift, here’s how to tie your peacock satin ribbon. Start by pulling the bow around the package tightly like you’re going to tie your shoes. The left and right sides of the ribbon should be equal in length. With your dominant hand, pinch a loop between your index finger and thumb and keep it in place. Take the opposite piece of ribbon and wrap it around and pull it through the place where your finger is. This traditional bow is just like tying your shoes.

The Looped Bow

If you want a slightly fancier bow, this could be the one for you. It starts with a twelve inch piece of wholesale satin ribbon. Unfurl it and make a loop at one end with about two inches of loose ribbon. Right next to the first loop, gather the wholesale satin ribbon and make another loop. Now you should have two loops. Then continue looping the ribbon until you have made loops of the entire strand. Hold the base of the loops tight and take a piece of twine and wrap it around the base. Tie a little knot and fluff out the loops to make it look professional.

The Double Bow

The double bow is the standard bow, with longer ends that can be used to make another bow on top. Determine which tail sits naturally on the bottom and which one sits on top. Fold loops in both. Cross the top over the bottom and thread it behind, under and up. From here, pull the loops to tighten and make sure the knot of the second bow rests on top the first. Arrange the bows and tails accordingly to make the double bow look nice.

Remember to cut your wholesale satin ribbon to the appropriate length depending on which bow you intend to tie. When tying some bows, it helps to have an extra set of hands.