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How to be the Kind of Person Who Wraps Gifts With Double-Sided Satin Ribbon

To tie a ribbon, a double-faced satin ribbon, is to put a mark of elegance and adornment around whatever it is you are using the double-faced satin ribbon to tie. It could be a present for your niece’s graduation, it could be a wreath for the holidays, it could even be a sign telling us to slow down and smell the ribbons, proverbially speaking, of course. Everyone who values niceties should have a spool of double sided satin ribbon. To own a spool of this kind of ribbon suggests that you have enough leisure and money at your disposal to make sure that when you give a present, which you do fairly often, not just at frosty times of year, you present it in such a manner that makes the recipient of your gift want to keep the gift as it is, wrapped, to take a picture of it and wind up glorifying the wrapping job, which is to say, glorifying you, the wrapper, for taking the time to not only properly wrap the gift that you bought them, but to buy the appropriate wrapping paraphernalia, namely, wrapping paper and double-sided satin ribbon, you are the kind of person who has these things, who knows how to wrap a gift, who gives gifts that people actually want, who is well-bred enough to have people over when you entertain and offer them two different kinds of wine, not because you want them to do the same if they ever have you over, of course, but because you understand what life is about, which we will not go into here since we have already adumbrated just how that essence can be communicated through the proper gifting of a present, with the proper wrapping of said present with the proper paraphernalia, in this case, wrapping paper and double-sided satin ribbon. You can be that person we all want to be, simply by buying a spool today.

Cheerleading Ribbon By The Yard!

Enjoy getting all dressed up and putting on a show? Don’t forget the finishing touches to your outfit: the ultimate cheerleading bow! The best made cheerleading bows are those made from grosgrain ribbon as it is sturdy and easy to use. If you are in the market for Grosgrain ribbon, you can even find the not so common wider widths (in particular the 3″ size) to buy for all your bow needs! Not only do we offer the larger widths, we offer two ordering options: 1. you can buy by the spool or 2. you can buy by the yard. This means that you can order 50 yard spools or buy individual yards, whichever is your preference or need. If you need to outfit the whole team or just your own child, size does not matter. RibbonBazaar can deliver!

Wide Grosgrain Ribbon
We have a large selection of grosgrain ribbon in wide widths, including 3″.

However, grosgrain ribbon is not just for cheerleaders. Did you know that many people use this ribbon to do scrapbooking, holiday decorations like Christmas tree decorations or Easter bows. Grosgrain ribbon can also be curled and made to decorate gift boxes. Grosgrain ribbons can be used in the school classroom as art projects with students. Other interesting craft ideas are gift cards, curtain hooks, small flowers or bows for girl dresses. The possibilities are endless! So what are you waiting for?

Wide Grosgrain Ribbon

Ribbon by the Yard‏

Ribbon Bazaar is pleased to announce a new service for our customers: ribbon by the yard! We understand that sometimes you just need to trim a single hat or tie up a few gift bags. You don’t always need a whole roll of ribbon. Now we let you buy just what you need, a yard at a time. We offer our two most popular ribbons, grosgrain and double-faced satin, in just the yardage you need. Choose from our broad color palette of wholesale satin ribbon.

Satin By The Yard
Double Faced Satin Ribbon by the Yard

Our business exists to support creative people like you, whether you want to make a few hair bows or a hundred. We still offer full rolls of ribbon, but now you can also get satin by the yard or grosgrain by the yard. You may order only what you need for a single project or order entire rolls of ribbon for your stash. Now the choice is yours.