Satin Bouquet

Custom Satin Bouquets

We love it when we get to see creative people doing new and exciting things with our satin ribbon, so we were thrilled to learn about Anna Coy’s work. After spending years as a florist in Philly only to be prevented from bringing flowers to her own New Orleans wedding, she decided to make her own bouquet, and a new concept was born.
Satin Bouquet
Anna’s business, To Hold & To Have, creates custom bouquets using amazing combinations of satin ribbon, crystals and even paper. While the way she perfectly captures naturally inspired forms with little more than ribbons and lace is already awesome, we were even more stoked to see how she integrates personal keepsakes, printed text and other stylistic elements into her stunning work.

One of the coolest things about Anna’s repertoire is that it’s far more diverse than most of the satin ribbon flowers we’ve seen in the past. It seems that her years as a florist paid off, and we’re definitely proud to be a part of the way she turns high art into something practical, long-lasting and ultimately worth holding onto.
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Satin Bouquet

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