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How to Make a Pew Bow

Welcome back to’s weekly DIY web series.

Today we’ll be making a pew bow using 2-1/2″ wired double faced satin and 54″ tulle ribbons, both white.

The finished pew bow.
The finished 6-loop pew bow with satin and tulle tails.
Ribbons used to make the pew bow.
Ribbons used to make the pew bow include a double-sided wired 2-1/2″ wide satin and 54″ tulle ribbon.

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• Welcome back to’s weekly DIY webseries.
• This week we’re going to make a traditional white pew bow using satin to make the bow and adding tulle for its tail.
• Supplies used include a scissor, ruler, some white two and a half inch double faced satin, and 54 inch tulle ribbons.
• We begin by measuring out 24 inches of the satin and 30 inches of the tulle, and doubling them.
• Folded and cut, these pieces will both be used as the bow’s tails.
• We then cut the ends of the satin tail piece diagonally.
• This pew bow will be relatively simple compared to some that we’ve made in the past.
• And since we’re using double-sided ribbon, there’s no need to twist to the opposite face after each loop.
• Once completed, we cut the end of the bow,
• And attach the satin tail piece to its center.
• We then attach the tulle, holding the bow and tails in one hand.
• Wrapping all the pieces together using some florist wires and twisting in place, we then position each loop around a circle.
• To cover up all the knots and florist wires, we then cut and fold in the sides of a small piece of the satin ribbon, keeping it folded with some fabric glue.
• We then wrap this around the center, setting it in place with the same glue.
• Finally, we seal the tail ends of the satin using a lighter.
• And there you have it!
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• See you next time!

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