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How to Make a Small Double-Looped Bow

Welcome back to’s weekly DIY web series.

Today we’ll be making a small double looped bow using our deluxe satin ribbon.

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Deluxe Satin Bows in Three Colors

Supplies used for this project: our deluxe double-sided satin ribbon, fabric glue, scissors and a lighter.
Step: Measured & Cut
Two pieces, one 20 inches and the other 2 inches, are measured and cut.
Finished Bow
The finished result!
• Welcome back to’s DIY webseries.
• Today we’ve got a quick little video showing how to make a small, double-looped bow.
• We’ll use some fabric glue, scissors, lighter and our deluxe satin ribbon.
• We measure out and cut two pieces of ribbon, one 20 inches long and the other 2 inches.
• We then take the longer piece and lay it across the palm of one hand,
• looping it between the index and middle fingers as shown,
• And then run the ribbon through the center to tie it in place.
• Next, we take off the bow and start work on the 2 inch piece that will be used to cover up the knots around the bow.
• We simply put some fabric glue on the edge of one side and fold the ribbon over,
• And then do the same to the other side.
• Now we just roll the cover around the center of the bow,
• Gluing and pressing it in place.
• We then hold the tail ends of the bow together, fold them in half and cut diagonally.
• Finally, we take the lighter and singe the ends of the bow so that they don’t fray.
• And there you have it! Please remember to like and subscribe for more!

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