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How to Make a Two Color Bow

Welcome back to’s weekly DIY web series.

Today we’ll be making a two color bow of 2-1/2″ green and tangerine shiny taffeta ribbons.

2-1/2" Green and Tangerine Shiny Taffeta Ribbons
We used 2-1/2″ Shiny Taffeta in green and tangerine.
Shiny Taffeta Bow
The finished bow showing the two loops and tails for each color.

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• Welcome back to’s weekly webseries on how to make bows!
• In this episode, we use green and tangerine shiny taffeta ribbons to make a mixed bow.
• As usual, we’ll be using some floral wires, scissors and a ruler for measurement.
• We begin by measuring roughly 20 inches of the green and 18 inches of the tangerine, and then doubling both for the two sides of the tail.
• We then fold the ends and cut diagonally as shown to get the desired look.
• As this bow won’t have a loop in its center, we can just skip right into making the three inner loops.
• This can get a bit tricky while trying to unroll and hold two ribbons at the same time.
• Next, we work on the larger, outer loops of the bow.
• As we continue crafting, you can probably tell why having a ribbon holder would be helpful here.
• Once the outer loops are complete, we position the smaller three loops around an inner circle and then the five larger loops around an outer one.
• With that, we separate the two colors in each loop to ultimately double the number of loops.
• We do it so that the two colors alternate around the bow.
• And once we’ve finished puffing up all the loops, we’re done!
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• See you next time!

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