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How to Make a Zebra Patterned Cheer Bow

Welcome back to’s weekly DIY web series.

In this episode we will make a black and white hair bow featuring zebra-patterned grosgrain, some solid black 3 inch grosgrain, and a hair clip to tie it in place. A bit of jewel ribbon adds the flair it needs to double as a cheer bow.

Hair bow supplies
Here are the the supplies that will be used to make the hair bow.
Finshed cheer bow and grosgrain ribbon
A side view of the finished cheer bow next to the grosgrain ribbons used.
Another view of the cheer bow.
Another view of the hair bow wrapped in a bejeweled piece of grosgrain ribbon.

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• Welcome back to’s weekly DIY webseries.
• This week we’re going to make another lovely hair bow that can double as a cheer bow.
• We’re going to use some 3 inch solid black grosgrain ribbon and some black and white 2 and a quarter inch grosgrain ribbon with a zebra pattern for the bow’s body.
• A bit of jewel ribbon will help add flair to the bow.
• We’ll start by putting two lines of hot glue to the solid grosgrain ribbon.
• We then take the zebra-patterned grosgrain and place it on top, pressing it in place.
• Once set, we turn each end of the ribbon in so that it forms a loop as shown, gluing it together.
• Now, like last time, we simply scrunch together the center and tie it in place with a bit of 1/8″ double faced satin ribbon, cutting the excess.
• Next, we cut two lines of jewel ribbon as shown, and place two lines of hot glue on each edge of a bit of solid black grosgrain ribbon.
• We then press the lines of jewels onto each edge, letting them set in place.
• Once complete, we put some more hot glue on the center of the bow and then roll the bejeweled grosgrain around the center, finishing off with some more hot glue.
• Finally, we put a bunch of glue on the back and press the hair clip in place as shown.
• And there you have it!
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• See you next time!

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