How to make an eight looped bow with tail video teaser.

How to Make an 8 Loop Bow with Tail

Welcome to’s weekly web series that features how to make a variety of bows and other creatives.

In this first episode, we create a classic 8-looped bow with a small loop in its center and a traditional-cut tail. We use some scissors, 1-1/2″ multicolored wired taffeta ribbon and floral wire to tie the ribbon in place.

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• Welcome to’s weekly webseries on how to make bows!
• In this first episode, we show you how to make a classic 8 looped plus one bow with tail.
• As you can see, we have some florist wires to tie the bow with and, of course, scissors to cut the ribbon with.
• We start by unrolling some ribbon to make the tail of the bow. We do this first since we will need both hands to make the bow.
• Next, we cut the ribbon to 18 inches but you may adjust it to how long you want the tail.
• Now, line up the tail section together to fold it in half.
• Then take the ends of the tail and fold them together as shown.
• We can now finish off the tail of the bow by cutting diagonally to get the classic ribbon look.
• Now, for the bow, start by unrolling a bit of ribbon, and make a small loop that can be crimped together with your thumb and forefinger as shown.
• This will make the small loop at the center of the bow.
• Next, we enter a series of repeating steps of twisting the ribbon 180°, flattening it on one side, twisting another 180°, flattening it on the opposite side, and keep repeating until you have four flattened loops on each side.
• Let’s have a look at two more loops to get a better feel for it.
• In fact, let’s speed things up a bit here.
• Now that the flattened bow is complete, hold the center of the tail underneath the center of the bow and crimp it in place.
• Holding the bow plus tail in one hand, grab two florist wires with the other and run them through the center loop.
• Then bring it down across the folded tail, tying everything together.
• Finish off by twisting the wires until it’s all taut.
• Finally, separate each loop of the bow until it forms a circle.
• And taking advantage of the ribbon’s wire, go through each loop to puff up and give shape to the bow’s loops.
• We’ll speed things up for you here but you get the idea.
• And there you have it!
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