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Ribbons: the Latest Fashion Styles for Mothers

A woman’s high-fashion days definitely don’t have to end when she becomes a mother; celebrity moms like Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara are proof enough of that. Moms looking for trendy accessories and clothing styles should focus on a classic fashion piece that’s been hitting the runways: ribbons. Try any of the following three ways to wear ribbons to spice up your look.

wholesale satin ribbon

1. In hair accessories, top actresses like January Jones adore wearing simple satin and lace ribbon headbands both on and off of the silver screen because they look chic and are easy to wear.

2. In DIY jewelry and accessory projects, accent a dress by making simple ribbon roses in matching colors, which looks especially lovely on vintage lace dresses. Making ribbon and pearl bracelets is another artistic DIY trend to dress up an empty wrist. Not only that, velvet ribbons make sexy chokers for wearing any favorite charms or pendants like Swarovski’s chocolate-colored ribbon and pearl necklaces.

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3. Comfortably stylish maternity wear with ribbons can greatly cheer up any new mother. It’s important that maternity clothing is practical to make a woman both feel and look good, so consider dresses that are easy to nurse with so that they’re easy to wear before and after delivery. One brand worth looking at is Milk Threads Maternity wear on www.etsy.com because they sell cute delivery and nursing gowns with high-quality satin ribbon sashes in a wide range of colors that tie just above the baby bump for an adjustable, perfect fit. This brand began with a mother’s love for her own daughter — To help her daughter feel more comfortable after giving birth to her first child, the brand’s founder began making these fashionable maternity dresses with wholesale satin ribbon sashes by hand in her own home. Now the satin ribbon is a signature trademark featured on every hand-tailored dress that adds an extra touch of charm that mothers love. Many moms also like the tasteful Milk Threads Maternity maxi dresses that feel casual to wear but look elegant due to the sophisticated touch of the satin ribbon sash. The creator of Milk Threads Maternity has this to say about the double faced satin ribbon from www.ribbonbazaar.com, “I like buying wholesale satin ribbon from Ribbon Bazaar because of the high quality and many different colors. Plus, shipping is really fast, which is great!”

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