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How to Make a Bridal Bouquet – Part 1

Welcome back to RibbonBazaar.com’s weekly DIY web series.

In this three-part episode we will make an elegant bridal bouquet completely using our 1-1/2″ double faced satin ribbon. It can also be made using our deluxe line of satin ribbons. In this first of three parts, we show how to make the lovely little satin flowers that will decorate the bouquet using some White and Tornado Blue 1-1/2″ satin.

Here we see all the items we used to make the satin flowers for the bouquet.
Here we see all the items we used to make the satin flowers for the bouquet.
Here are the finished satin squares with corsage pins in each corner.
Here are the finished satin squares with corsage pins in each corner.
And here are the finished satin flowers ready for some stamens!
And here are the finished satin flowers ready for some stamens!

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• Welcome back to RibbonBazaar.com’s weekly DIY webseries.
• In this first episode of a three-part series showing how to make a bridal bouquet totally decked out with satin flowers and tulle accents, we’ll work on making the little satin flowers that will decorate the bouquet.
• We’ll be making use of White and Tornado Blue inch and a half satin ribbon, some corsage pins, a lighter to fuse the ribbon ends, a ruler to measure out and cut 12 and a half inch strips of the satin, and a needle with blue thread.
• We’ll start by taking one of the strips of satin ribbon, folding it and pushing through a corsage pin diagonally as shown to hold the fold in place.
• We then continue folding and setting corsage pins in place, once for each corner, forming a square.
• Once complete, we cut the excess and fuse the edges closed using the lighter.
• We now do a bit of needling around the outside edge as shown and take off the pins as we go around each corner.
• Once complete, we pull on the thread until the square is scrunched into a small ball and knot the beginning and end of the thread as shown, cutting the excess.
• We can now open it up to see the lovely little flower we’ve just crafted!
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• See you next time!

Wildflowers and Lace Invitations Uses Our Satin Ribbons!

Wildflowers and Lace Invitations was founded in August of 2012 as a result Michelle Felux’s wedding. She wanted very specific
wedding invitations that featured lace, gold, navy blue as well as real, pressed bluebonnets. She looked around online and couldn’t find anyone who offered real pressed flowers on the invitations, so she decided to try her hand at designing her own! 200+ invitations later, she found that she enjoyed designing them, creating something truly unique for brides and being a part of someone’s most special day. She opened up her shop with her husband’s support and now she sells invitations nation-wide on Etsy. Her business is technically a partnership between her husband and herself, but nearly 100% of the time it will be she who you work with!
wholesale satin ribbon
Mrs. Felux’s business specializes in predominantly handmade, custom wedding stationery. She designs wedding invitations, save the dates, engagement announcements, thank you notes, menus, wedding signage, and soon, custom commemorative coasters. She uses RibbonBazaar’s double face satin ribbon of various sizes to really put the finishing touches on her stationery. The 1 1/2 inch ribbons serve as belly bands for some of her pocket folders, the 5/8 inch ribbon she uses to tie together wedding programs and certain invitation suites. She also likes to use lace to decorate some of the single card invitations.
wholesale satin ribbon
Mrs. Felux loves RibbonBazaar’s quality and value for her double face satin ribbons, which she buys wholesale. In her own words, “I have never found a company with so many options available online for such great prices.” Her business is located out of her home in a rural part of south Texas, so running to the city takes a lot of gas money as well as time, which means that RibbonBazaar provides the perfect option for everything she needs online.

She first searched for double face satin and lace when making her own invitations. She couldn’t find the right quantities, she realized she had to look for wholesale satin ribbon. Then, she finally found our store and the colors of Navy Blue and Cinnabar matched her invitations perfectly! She was so happy with the quality of our wholesale satin ribbons that she knew exactly who to use when she opened her shop in 2012.
wholesale satin ribbon
Today Mrs. Felux sells to more people around the nation than she has ever sold to in her hometown! She also sells internationally! Just shoot her a message if you’re in a different country and she will work with you to make a plan! Since everything is handmade, tons of special care is put into each order. Wildflowers and Lace Invitations takes the time to make sure everything is perfect!

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