Why Buy Satin Ribbons Wholesale?

When you buy satin ribbons wholesale, you’re getting a great value, which is the point of buying anything wholesale really, because wholesalers as opposed to retailers are about moving product, especially to other businesses, which is why they are so inexpensive, typically, and why they sell in bulk.

Wholesale for businesses only

One day I was walking down my street and realized that on the corner is a wholesale store that sells office and home supplies, well, I needed some new paper towels so I walked in and the Chinese lady behind the counter asked me to show my business ID number. I didn’t have a business ID number, so I had to leave, and I realized that they only sell to businesses, which is a shame, because I would have easily bought eighteen rolls of paper towels, especially since they were only about a quarter a roll.

Wholesale for families

Then you have Sam’s Club and Costco, and those places are great, especially for families who eat a lot. When I was a kid, we had a snow day on April 1st, which was a joyous April Fool’s Day, because after I went to Sam’s with mom and we bought a box of full-size candy bars, and came home, the snow was already melting. And every day I brought one of those candy bars to school, boy was I cool, everyone was jealous and I had the glory of eating a full-size candy bar with lunch.

The only reason you might not want to shop at wholesale food stores is if you plan to eat out instead of cook or you are only one person living alone; you don’t want all the food you buy wholesale to spoil. But with ribbons you don’t have to worry about that because ribbons don’t expire, they don’t go bad; ribbons, especially satin ribbons, last, they’re always good, and can be used for wrapping and clothing and hair styling and lots of other things too. So if you have any uses for satin ribbon, why not buy it wholesale, save money, and make good use of your ribbon!

Ribbon by the Yard‏

Ribbon Bazaar is pleased to announce a new service for our customers: ribbon by the yard! We understand that sometimes you just need to trim a single hat or tie up a few gift bags. You don’t always need a whole roll of ribbon. Now we let you buy just what you need, a yard at a time. We offer our two most popular ribbons, grosgrain and double-faced satin, in just the yardage you need. Choose from our broad color palette of wholesale satin ribbon.

Satin By The Yard
Double Faced Satin Ribbon by the Yard

Our business exists to support creative people like you, whether you want to make a few hair bows or a hundred. We still offer full rolls of ribbon, but now you can also get satin by the yard or grosgrain by the yard. You may order only what you need for a single project or order entire rolls of ribbon for your stash. Now the choice is yours.

A Guide to Ribbons

Now that craft season is under way, it’s helpful to know exactly what you’re getting before you order. These are some of our most popular types of ribbons, listed with some of their most common uses. And remember that when you buy ribbons at RibbonBazaar.com, you’re getting them wholesale, at a much better price than you would anywhere else, so you can have enough ribbon for multiple projects at once!

Grosgrain ribbons

From the French, this ribbon’s name means “large.” Larger weft fibers make for the little bumps in each ribbon. Wholesale grosgrain ribbons aren’t the best for bows, which will be angular with sharper edges if you decide to use them.

Jacquard ribbons

Jacquard ribbons are perfect for matching with your favorite outfit or for adding to a scrapbook. With their multiple colors and patterns, they can add a lot to any project, and are definitely one of the fancier ribbons around.

Printed ribbons

These are typically wider and less expensive than jacquard ribbons, which means they are great for wrapping presents, or for other playful projects that need a special print.

Wired taffeta ribbons

With wire inside, these ribbons are ideal for sculpting. They’re less shiny than satin ribbons, and are crisper too, meaning that they crease easily, so you have to be more careful when folding or tying.

Satin ribbons

While most satin ribbon is really made of polyester, it’s still as soft as silk and one of the most versatile ribbons out there. Satin ribbons come in hundreds of colors, from turquoise to maroon, and are ideal for wrapping presents. They come in lots of different widths, making them a functional ribbon for any craft project as well.

Which type of ribbon is your favorite? What do you use it for? Leave us a comment below!

Wholesale Satin Ribbon Roses

One reason wholesale satin ribbon is so great is its texture. Satin is shiny and smooth, a cousin of silk. Other ribbons, of course, provide varying texture. Grosgrain ribbon has a bunched up look, which is better suited for being the focal point of an object, like an invitation, instead of merely adorning something, like a vase.

To make any flower vase more beautiful, take wholesale satin ribbon and tie individual bows up and down the length of the vase. Match the color of the satin ribbon bows with the flowers.

Satin Ribbon Roses

To adorn a present, take a piece of satin ribbon 50 inches long and fold it in half, so that one end is about six inches longer than the other. At the middle of the ribbon, where the fold is, shift one leg of the ribbon so that the two legs of the fold create a right angle where they meet. Throw the other leg over next, so that you have the beginning of a series of folds at right angles. Remember to keep the edges straight!

You should have a square of ribbon from the many times you’ve folded it over and over itself, with two long legs still loose. Once you’re done holding and folding, take the top fold and pick it up—the folded ribbon should hang down like a beautiful ribbon ladder. Next, grab the top of the ribbon ladder, the area before the legs, and with your thumb holding that point, pull the longer ribbon leg tight, bringing the ladder in and forming the impression of a rose. Then clip the legs and use a clear ponytail rubber band to hold the bottom of the rose in place.

Last, take some floral tape, the kind used for real rose bouquets, and tape around the remaining pieces of ribbon so that you wrap all the way to the bottom and create a green stem. Repeat as much as you like and use these ribbon roses as corsages or in a vase! If you’re having trouble, you can watch a video of how to make ribbon roses here. Here are some other links to videos for ribbon roses.

Wedding Invitations with Flair and Ribbons

Wendy Nooney worked for over 17 years as a graphic designer and art director for a marketing agency. While she enjoyed working with clients and designing projects on the computer something was missing from her life. When Ms. Nooney’s was asked to create illustrated invitations for a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner she realized that she wanted to return to her true passions – drawing and painting. In 2011 her dream became a reality when NooneyArt Designs opened in upstate New York.

Watercolor Starfish NooneyArt

Ms. Nooney’s hand painted watercolors and pen and ink illustrations are used to create unique and stunning wedding invitation sets and have drawn local, national, and international clients. Her one-of-a-kind designs are converted to digital format and printed onto fine papers with matching envelopes to create a complete package.

With her artist’s eye for design, Ms. Nooney realized that she needed to incorporate something more into her work in order to complete her invitations. She decided to add ribbon and states, “I came across RibbonBazaar.com when I was searching online for wholesale ribbon and string to use as embellishments for my invitation designs. They had a wonderful selection of satin ribbons in many colors and sizes. I placed an order for a few colors and was very impressed with the quality of the products and how quickly they were delivered.”

Watercolor Flower NooneyArt

Now she uses RibbonBazaar’s satin ribbons on several of her products including invitations, menu cards, and gift tags as well as her own package designs. Examples of her use of our ribbons in her designs include the incorporation of our 7/8” navy satin ribbon in the starfish design, the 5/8” black satin ribbon in her Tuscan olive design. Her watercolor vineyard design incorporates the sangria satin ribbon and the raspberry watercolor petunia design utilizes the spring moss satin ribbon.

In addition to her ready-to-order invitation sets, Ms. Nooney also has an extensive clientele for customized orders. She loves that she is able to order sample ribbon swatches from RibbonBazaar to show clients when designing their invitations.

Beautifully illustrated and designed, the wedding invitation sets from NooneyArt Designs allow a couple to share the announcement of their special day in style and RibbonBazaar.com is thrilled to be included in that process. Ms. Nooney offers a large selection of ready-to-order designs and also accepts orders for custom designs via her Etsy shop and website.

VineyardInvite NooneyArt

PetuniaInvite NooneyArt

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Ribbons: the Latest Fashion Styles for Mothers

A woman’s high-fashion days definitely don’t have to end when she becomes a mother; celebrity moms like Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara are proof enough of that. Moms looking for trendy accessories and clothing styles should focus on a classic fashion piece that’s been hitting the runways: ribbons. Try any of the following three ways to wear ribbons to spice up your look.

wholesale satin ribbon

1. In hair accessories, top actresses like January Jones adore wearing simple satin and lace ribbon headbands both on and off of the silver screen because they look chic and are easy to wear.

2. In DIY jewelry and accessory projects, accent a dress by making simple ribbon roses in matching colors, which looks especially lovely on vintage lace dresses. Making ribbon and pearl bracelets is another artistic DIY trend to dress up an empty wrist. Not only that, velvet ribbons make sexy chokers for wearing any favorite charms or pendants like Swarovski’s chocolate-colored ribbon and pearl necklaces.

satin ribbon sash

3. Comfortably stylish maternity wear with ribbons can greatly cheer up any new mother. It’s important that maternity clothing is practical to make a woman both feel and look good, so consider dresses that are easy to nurse with so that they’re easy to wear before and after delivery. One brand worth looking at is Milk Threads Maternity wear on www.etsy.com because they sell cute delivery and nursing gowns with high-quality satin ribbon sashes in a wide range of colors that tie just above the baby bump for an adjustable, perfect fit. This brand began with a mother’s love for her own daughter — To help her daughter feel more comfortable after giving birth to her first child, the brand’s founder began making these fashionable maternity dresses with wholesale satin ribbon sashes by hand in her own home. Now the satin ribbon is a signature trademark featured on every hand-tailored dress that adds an extra touch of charm that mothers love. Many moms also like the tasteful Milk Threads Maternity maxi dresses that feel casual to wear but look elegant due to the sophisticated touch of the satin ribbon sash. The creator of Milk Threads Maternity has this to say about the double faced satin ribbon from www.ribbonbazaar.com, “I like buying wholesale satin ribbon from Ribbon Bazaar because of the high quality and many different colors. Plus, shipping is really fast, which is great!”

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How to Make a Wholesale Satin Ribbon Covered Cork Board

Now that school’s back in session, it’s time to get organized. That word alone is enough to make anyone groan, not only your little ones who are used to being told to keep their desks neat and to turn in their homework without any wrinkles or creases. The thing is, organization is most fun when it involves keeping things pretty. It’s hard for kids to keep their desks clean because the insides of their desks are all the same. If, for example, each desk had its own color of satin ribbon, it might be easier for kids to take more pride in their area.

How to make a fabric covered cork board

Here’s one easy way to add some organization into your home life and show your little one how easy it can be to keep papers neat. First, buy a cork board. An ordinary cork board is like the average empty desk, easy to clutter because of how boring it is. Buy some batting and a piece of fabric that’s big enough to cover your cork board. Use a staple gun to staple the fabric and batting over the front of the board. Before stapling the corner batting and fabric to the board, cut off the excess material so the cork board will lie flat.

Invest in a spool of thin wholesale satin ribbon. Arrange the wholesale satin ribbon in a taut crisscross pattern across the board. Use upholstery tacks to pin the ribbon to the board at intersection points and at the corners of the board. A tack hammer works really well for this. Then hot glue the edges of the wholesale satin ribbon to the back of the board.

Lead by example

Now you have a beautiful fabric-covered cork board. This is the perfect place to place important reminders and papers for your kids’ school year. When you lead by example, you’ll find a lot fewer complaints about messy desks.