How to be the Kind of Person Who Wraps Gifts With Double-Sided Satin Ribbon

To tie a ribbon, a double-faced satin ribbon, is to put a mark of elegance and adornment around whatever it is you are using the double-faced satin ribbon to tie. It could be a present for your niece’s graduation, it could be a wreath for the holidays, it could even be a sign telling us to slow down and smell the ribbons, proverbially speaking, of course. Everyone who values niceties should have a spool of double sided satin ribbon. To own a spool of this kind of ribbon suggests that you have enough leisure and money at your disposal to make sure that when you give a present, which you do fairly often, not just at frosty times of year, you present it in such a manner that makes the recipient of your gift want to keep the gift as it is, wrapped, to take a picture of it and wind up glorifying the wrapping job, which is to say, glorifying you, the wrapper, for taking the time to not only properly wrap the gift that you bought them, but to buy the appropriate wrapping paraphernalia, namely, wrapping paper and double-sided satin ribbon, you are the kind of person who has these things, who knows how to wrap a gift, who gives gifts that people actually want, who is well-bred enough to have people over when you entertain and offer them two different kinds of wine, not because you want them to do the same if they ever have you over, of course, but because you understand what life is about, which we will not go into here since we have already adumbrated just how that essence can be communicated through the proper gifting of a present, with the proper wrapping of said present with the proper paraphernalia, in this case, wrapping paper and double-sided satin ribbon. You can be that person we all want to be, simply by buying a spool today.

Cheerleading Ribbon By The Yard!

Enjoy getting all dressed up and putting on a show? Don’t forget the finishing touches to your outfit: the ultimate cheerleading bow! The best made cheerleading bows are those made from grosgrain ribbon as it is sturdy and easy to use. If you are in the market for Grosgrain ribbon, you can even find the not so common wider widths (in particular the 3″ size) to buy for all your bow needs! Not only do we offer the larger widths, we offer two ordering options: 1. you can buy grosgrain ribbon by the spool or 2. you can buy our cheerleading ribbon by the yard. This means that you can order 50 yard spools or buy individual yards, whichever is your preference or need. If you need to outfit the whole team or just your own child, size does not matter. RibbonBazaar can deliver!

Wide Grosgrain Ribbon
We have a large selection of grosgrain ribbon in wide widths, including 3″.

However, grosgrain ribbon is not just for cheerleaders. Did you know that many people buy grosgrain ribbon for scrapbooking, holiday decorations like Christmas tree decorations or Easter bows? Grosgrain ribbon can also be curled and made to decorate gift boxes. Grosgrain ribbons can be used in the school classroom as art projects with students. Other interesting craft ideas are gift cards, curtain hooks, small flowers or bows for girl dresses. The possibilities are endless! So what are you waiting for?

Wide Grosgrain Ribbon

How to Use Wholesale Satin Ribbon For Your DIY Wedding

Double faced satin ribbon is the perfect accessory for any DIY wedding. It’s great when you buy it wholesale because you’ll be able to afford a number of different colors, instead of spending money on all the stuff that’s overpriced when you pay someone to do it for you. Learn how to use ribbon for your dream wedding!

DIY Wedding Uses for Double Sided Satin Ribbon to Save You Money

If you’re thinking of a DIY wedding, first choose your color palate. Once you decide what colors to use for your wedding, you can invest in a few spools of wholesale satin ribbon to do your invitations, your favors, decorations, and even to wrap your bouquet. By adding a piece of bulk satin ribbon to your favors, you make them look fancy, and when you write out guests’ names it shows that you’ve given your favors a personal touch. Adding satin ribbon to your decor and hair are quick ways to add some color and to save money on pieces of a wedding that are normally much more expensive.

…So You Can Spend a Little More On

You definitely want to capture the moment in a professional way. Spend some of the money you saved by using wholesale satin ribbon on a great photographer. Cake too. Even if you’re a pro baker, you may want to rethink baking a cake for your entire party. The food and drink are the same way; if you think you can have a great wedding without an open bar, think again. And as far as making sure everything’s perfect for the day, you may want to hire a wedding coordinator so you can relax a little and savor your perfect day.

Wholesale satin ribbon can definitely save you money for your DIY wedding, but let’s face it, you’re only getting married once (we hope!), so you might as well enjoy it and spend what you save on the stuff that counts! Use our wedding ribbon ideas for inspiration, but remember to stay creative!

Brown Satin Ribbon for Wreaths

Ribbons are amazingly rich in meaning. Not only are they awarded for excellence, but they are also perfect adornments. Satin ribbons wholesale are an affordable way to decorate, especially at this time of year when buying a spool of brown satin ribbon can be used for basically anything.


First, buy a pinecone wreath, the kind with different sized and colored pinecones. Variation makes it look more natural, like you made it, which you can do by spray painting a styrofoam wreath brown and hot gluing pinecones to it. Add hot glue between the pine cones to make them sturdier and so that none of the brown styrofoam shows—cover the styrofoam entirely in pinecones. Then take your brown satin ribbon and wrap it around the wreath, draping it so that it looks natural. You could also tie a brown satin ribbon bow and hot glue it to the top of the wreath. Or you could hang the wreath from a thick piece of brown satin ribbon and hang the brown satin ribbon to a mantle or hook on the back of a door. This is a more synthesizing effect between nature and man-made effects than the wrapping of the ribbon around the wreath.

An Autumn Wreath Can Transform

After Thanksgiving, (which, I know, sounds so far away but will be here sooner than you think!) you can swap the brown satin ribbon for red or green satin ribbon for a more holiday look. Or, you could spray paint your pine cones white, but if you do that you won’t be able to use the wreath again next fall. You could also hang little Christmas decorations on your pine cones if you want to preserve the fall nature of your wreath and keep it for future seasons too. If you liked this holiday tip, Check back over the next few weeks for more ways to use ribbon around the house!

Custom Satin Bouquets

We love it when we get to see creative people doing new and exciting things with our satin ribbon, so we were thrilled to learn about Anna Coy’s work. After spending years as a florist in Philly only to be prevented from bringing flowers to her own New Orleans wedding, she decided to make her own bouquet, and a new concept was born.
Satin Bouquet
Anna’s business, To Hold & To Have, creates custom bouquets using amazing combinations of satin ribbon, crystals and even paper. While the way she perfectly captures naturally inspired forms with little more than ribbons and lace is already awesome, we were even more stoked to see how she integrates personal keepsakes, printed text and other stylistic elements into her stunning work.

One of the coolest things about Anna’s repertoire is that it’s far more diverse than most of the satin ribbon flowers we’ve seen in the past. It seems that her years as a florist paid off, and we’re definitely proud to be a part of the way she turns high art into something practical, long-lasting and ultimately worth holding onto.
Check back frequently for more ideas on how you can use wholesale satin ribbons creatively, or submit an example of your own projects to have them featured on the RibbonBazaar blog!

Satin Bouquet

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