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How to Make a Zebra Patterned Cheer Bow

Welcome back to’s weekly DIY web series.

In this episode we will make a black and white hair bow featuring zebra-patterned grosgrain, some solid black 3 inch grosgrain, and a hair clip to tie it in place. A bit of jewel ribbon adds the flair it needs to double as a cheer bow.

Hair bow supplies
Here are the the supplies that will be used to make the hair bow.
Finshed cheer bow and grosgrain ribbon
A side view of the finished cheer bow next to the grosgrain ribbons used.
Another view of the cheer bow.
Another view of the hair bow wrapped in a bejeweled piece of grosgrain ribbon.

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• Welcome back to’s weekly DIY webseries.
• This week we’re going to make another lovely hair bow that can double as a cheer bow.
• We’re going to use some 3 inch solid black grosgrain ribbon and some black and white 2 and a quarter inch grosgrain ribbon with a zebra pattern for the bow’s body.
• A bit of jewel ribbon will help add flair to the bow.
• We’ll start by putting two lines of hot glue to the solid grosgrain ribbon.
• We then take the zebra-patterned grosgrain and place it on top, pressing it in place.
• Once set, we turn each end of the ribbon in so that it forms a loop as shown, gluing it together.
• Now, like last time, we simply scrunch together the center and tie it in place with a bit of 1/8″ double faced satin ribbon, cutting the excess.
• Next, we cut two lines of jewel ribbon as shown, and place two lines of hot glue on each edge of a bit of solid black grosgrain ribbon.
• We then press the lines of jewels onto each edge, letting them set in place.
• Once complete, we put some more hot glue on the center of the bow and then roll the bejeweled grosgrain around the center, finishing off with some more hot glue.
• Finally, we put a bunch of glue on the back and press the hair clip in place as shown.
• And there you have it!
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How to Make a Red & White Cheer Bow

Welcome back to’s weekly DIY web series.

Today we’ll be making a DIY cheer bow using a 3″ red grosgrain ribbon and 2-1/4″ red & white grosgrain mono stripes ribbon. We’ll also be using a strip of silver rhinestone ribbon trim to wrap around the center of the bow.

This is how the bow should look like right after it's been folded.
This is how the bow should look like right after it’s been folded.
Here's the finished cheer bow in front of the grosgrain ribbons used in this video.
Here’s the finished cheer bow in front of the grosgrain ribbons used in this video.

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• Welcome back to’s weekly DIY webseries.
• This week we have a quick video on how to make a cheer bow.
• We’ll be using some 3 inch solid red grosgrain and 2 and a quarter inch red & white grosgrain mono stripes ribbon.
• We’ll also make use of a hot glue gun, scissors, 1/8 inch double faced satin ribbon, hair clip and a bit of silver jewel ribbon.
• We start by cutting 18 inch pieces of the grosgrain ribbons.
• We put some hot glue on the striped grosgrain in two lines as shown and press it against the solid grosgrain ribbon.
• Once joined, we fold the ribbon as shown and scrunch together the center to give it the correct look.
• We then string some of the 1/8 inch satin ribbon around it, knotting it in place and cutting the excess.
• We can now take a small strip of jewel ribbon and cut out to three rows of jewels.
• This will wrap around the center of the bow with the help of some more hot glue.
• Finally we take a hair clip and glue it to the opposite side of the cheer bow.
• And there you have it!
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• See you next time!

Cheerleading Ribbon By The Yard!

Enjoy getting all dressed up and putting on a show? Don’t forget the finishing touches to your outfit: the ultimate cheerleading bow! The best made cheerleading bows are those made from grosgrain ribbon as it is sturdy and easy to use. If you are in the market for Grosgrain ribbon, you can even find the not so common wider widths (in particular the 3″ size) to buy for all your bow needs! Not only do we offer the larger widths, we offer two ordering options: 1. you can buy grosgrain ribbon by the spool or 2. you can buy our cheerleading ribbon by the yard. This means that you can order 50 yard spools or buy individual yards, whichever is your preference or need. If you need to outfit the whole team or just your own child, size does not matter. RibbonBazaar can deliver!

Wide Grosgrain Ribbon
We have a large selection of grosgrain ribbon in wide widths, including 3″.

However, grosgrain ribbon is not just for cheerleaders. Did you know that many people buy grosgrain ribbon for scrapbooking, holiday decorations like Christmas tree decorations or Easter bows? Grosgrain ribbon can also be curled and made to decorate gift boxes. Grosgrain ribbons can be used in the school classroom as art projects with students. Other interesting craft ideas are gift cards, curtain hooks, small flowers or bows for girl dresses. The possibilities are endless! So what are you waiting for?

Wide Grosgrain Ribbon

A Guide to Ribbons

Now that craft season is under way, it’s helpful to know exactly what you’re getting before you order. These are some of our most popular types of ribbons, listed with some of their most common uses. And remember that when you buy ribbons at, you’re getting them wholesale, at a much better price than you would anywhere else, so you can have enough ribbon for multiple projects at once!

Grosgrain ribbons

From the French, this ribbon’s name means “large.” Larger weft fibers make for the little bumps in each ribbon. Wholesale grosgrain ribbons aren’t the best for bows, which will be angular with sharper edges if you decide to use them.

Jacquard ribbons

Jacquard ribbons are perfect for matching with your favorite outfit or for adding to a scrapbook. With their multiple colors and patterns, they can add a lot to any project, and are definitely one of the fancier ribbons around.

Printed ribbons

These are typically wider and less expensive than jacquard ribbons, which means they are great for wrapping presents, or for other playful projects that need a special print.

Wired taffeta ribbons

With wire inside, these ribbons are ideal for sculpting. They’re less shiny than satin ribbons, and are crisper too, meaning that they crease easily, so you have to be more careful when folding or tying.

Satin ribbons

While most satin ribbon is really made of polyester, it’s still as soft as silk and one of the most versatile ribbons out there. Satin ribbons come in hundreds of colors, from turquoise to maroon, and are ideal for wrapping presents. They come in lots of different widths, making them a functional ribbon for any craft project as well.

Which type of ribbon is your favorite? What do you use it for? Leave us a comment below!

Choosing the Right Color Grosgrain Ribbon For Your Wedding Invitations

Almost as soon as he’s done popping the question, all of your friends will be asking how it happened, where you were, and how big is the ring. But the next thing to consider after that is the colors of your wedding. Whereas a color palette used to be about accenting the classic white of your dress, today you can get away with going all out in whatever color is fitting for your ceremony. But before you settle on your favorite colors, there are a few factors to consider.

Location, location, location

Before you go ordering a reel of fuchsia grosgrain ribbon wholesale, consider where your wedding will be. If it’s in a neo-Gothic church made of wood and stone, you may do better to choose a classic color like gray, pearl, or even black. If your wedding is in a backyard or any outdoor space, however, you can go a little wilder with your color scheme and the grosgrain ribbon you choose for your wedding invitations.

Save the date

Not only does the location dictate the style of your wedding, the season can have a big influence too. How long will your engagement be? Before you choose a color scheme, do you foresee the date of your wedding being pushed back at all before you send out the invitations? A lot of wedding planners choose a variety of complementary colors to accent the season, such as red, orange, yellow and brown for autumn, or green, blue, gray, and violet for the spring.

Other factors to consider

If you have a good idea of what colors you want, but you aren’t certain or you want to separate yourself from the crowd, try perusing a swatch book with different hues. The subtleties in greens can make a big difference, and lend a vernal feel or a dead of winter motif depending on whether you choose evergreen or lime for your grosgrain ribbons.

If you want your wedding to evoke a specific mood, adding another color can convey elegance or conjure a special place. For example, combining orange with yellow and brown lends a sunset/harvest element to an otherwise bumblebee-flavored celebration. An exception to this is in the dresses of the bridesmaids—sometimes variation in the same color palette can make a stronger statement than total uniformity. In fact, setting an entire wedding to different shades of blue, for example, can be just as beautiful as three or four strong colors.

And be careful not to get too matchy-matchy: wedding dresses, cake, favors, invitations are one thing, but using the same color scheme everywhere can be a little much.

Still don’t know where to start? Try taking this quiz: Which Wedding Colors Best Suit Your Style?

Grosgrain Ribbon: From Weft and Warp to Dead Flowers

Wholesale grosgrain ribbon is a good idea for crafters, scrapbookers, tutu-makers, and more. What makes grosgrain ribbon so versatile? It starts with a weave.

Weft and Warp

All weaves have a weft and a warp. The weft is the snaking part of the weave and the warp is the mat-like part. In grosgrain ribbon, the weft is heavier than the warp, which makes the overall effect on the ribbon raised, or ribbed. Grosgrain is a plain weave, which is basically a balanced form of ends per inch and picks per inch; in other words, a kind of repeated hashtag weave. Grosgrain is heavier than poplin and lighter than twill.

Grosgrain (pronounced grow-grain) gets around. You may find it on the lapels of dinner coats as a more subtle option to satin, on ladies’ hats, and old books. Grosgrain ribbon is commonly used in packaging, and although it’s often seen in black, it comes in colors such as peacock, turquoise, leopard and zebra print, rainbow and neon. Grosgrain ribbon is the primary ribbon used for hair bows, and nylon grosgrain ribbon is often used in the making of watch bands.

Instead of looking for grosgrain ribbons on sale, try buying wholesale grosgrain ribbons from a place like Ribbon Bazaar. Because they sell mostly to people looking to buy a lot of ribbon at once, they sell it at wholesale prices.

Dead Flowers and Grosgrain Ribbon

A quick way to make use of grosgrain ribbon is to take some flowers and wrap them in grosgrain ribbon. Hang them on the wall upside down, for some artistic flavor, and watch them dry over the course of the week. You don’t have to do it to commemorate lost love; dead flowers are pretty on their own. Spray your dead bouquet with hairspray, allow it to dry for a couple of days, spray it again, and then after a couple more days, one more spray. Those flowers—red roses?—accentuated by a black grosgrain ribbon will look great in a kitchen, bedroom wall, or over a toilet.

You can also make potpourri with dead flowers, a string of grosgrain ribbon and some essential oils. Dry the flower petals in a cool area, add spices like cinnamon and star of anise, and wait two weeks. Red cedar is another fragrant ingredient to add to your potpourri bag. After this add Orrisroot, an Iris root, to keep the essential oils smelling vibrant. Wait another few weeks, find a muslin sachet bag for your potpourri, and tie it off with ribbon. And listen to the song below.