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Custom Satin Bouquets

We love it when we get to see creative people doing new and exciting things with our satin ribbon, so we were thrilled to learn about Anna Coy’s work. After spending years as a florist in Philly only to be prevented from bringing flowers to her own New Orleans wedding, she decided to make her own bouquet, and a new concept was born.
Satin Bouquet
Anna’s business, To Hold & To Have, creates custom bouquets using amazing combinations of satin ribbon, crystals and even paper. While the way she perfectly captures naturally inspired forms with little more than ribbons and lace is already awesome, we were even more stoked to see how she integrates personal keepsakes, printed text and other stylistic elements into her stunning work.

One of the coolest things about Anna’s repertoire is that it’s far more diverse than most of the satin ribbon flowers we’ve seen in the past. It seems that her years as a florist paid off, and we’re definitely proud to be a part of the way she turns high art into something practical, long-lasting and ultimately worth holding onto.
Check back frequently for more ideas on how you can use wholesale satin ribbons creatively, or submit an example of your own projects to have them featured on the RibbonBazaar blog!

Satin Bouquet

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Wedding Invitations with Flair and Ribbons

Wendy Nooney worked for over 17 years as a graphic designer and art director for a marketing agency. While she enjoyed working with clients and designing projects on the computer something was missing from her life. When Ms. Nooney’s was asked to create illustrated invitations for a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner she realized that she wanted to return to her true passions – drawing and painting. In 2011 her dream became a reality when NooneyArt Designs opened in upstate New York.

Watercolor Starfish NooneyArt

Ms. Nooney’s hand painted watercolors and pen and ink illustrations are used to create unique and stunning wedding invitation sets and have drawn local, national, and international clients. Her one-of-a-kind designs are converted to digital format and printed onto fine papers with matching envelopes to create a complete package.

With her artist’s eye for design, Ms. Nooney realized that she needed to incorporate something more into her work in order to complete her invitations. She decided to add ribbon and states, “I came across when I was searching online for wholesale ribbon and string to use as embellishments for my invitation designs. They had a wonderful selection of satin ribbons in many colors and sizes. I placed an order for a few colors and was very impressed with the quality of the products and how quickly they were delivered.”

Watercolor Flower NooneyArt

Now she uses RibbonBazaar’s satin ribbons on several of her products including invitations, menu cards, and gift tags as well as her own package designs. Examples of her use of our ribbons in her designs include the incorporation of our 7/8” navy satin ribbon in the starfish design, the 5/8” black satin ribbon in her Tuscan olive design. Her watercolor vineyard design incorporates the sangria satin ribbon and the raspberry watercolor petunia design utilizes the spring moss satin ribbon.

In addition to her ready-to-order invitation sets, Ms. Nooney also has an extensive clientele for customized orders. She loves that she is able to order sample ribbon swatches from RibbonBazaar to show clients when designing their invitations.

Beautifully illustrated and designed, the wedding invitation sets from NooneyArt Designs allow a couple to share the announcement of their special day in style and is thrilled to be included in that process. Ms. Nooney offers a large selection of ready-to-order designs and also accepts orders for custom designs via her Etsy shop and website.

VineyardInvite NooneyArt

PetuniaInvite NooneyArt

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Ribbons: the Latest Fashion Styles for Mothers

A woman’s high-fashion days definitely don’t have to end when she becomes a mother; celebrity moms like Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara are proof enough of that. Moms looking for trendy accessories and clothing styles should focus on a classic fashion piece that’s been hitting the runways: ribbons. Try any of the following three ways to wear ribbons to spice up your look.

wholesale satin ribbon

1. In hair accessories, top actresses like January Jones adore wearing simple satin and lace ribbon headbands both on and off of the silver screen because they look chic and are easy to wear.

2. In DIY jewelry and accessory projects, accent a dress by making simple ribbon roses in matching colors, which looks especially lovely on vintage lace dresses. Making ribbon and pearl bracelets is another artistic DIY trend to dress up an empty wrist. Not only that, velvet ribbons make sexy chokers for wearing any favorite charms or pendants like Swarovski’s chocolate-colored ribbon and pearl necklaces.

satin ribbon sash

3. Comfortably stylish maternity wear with ribbons can greatly cheer up any new mother. It’s important that maternity clothing is practical to make a woman both feel and look good, so consider dresses that are easy to nurse with so that they’re easy to wear before and after delivery. One brand worth looking at is Milk Threads Maternity wear on because they sell cute delivery and nursing gowns with high-quality satin ribbon sashes in a wide range of colors that tie just above the baby bump for an adjustable, perfect fit. This brand began with a mother’s love for her own daughter — To help her daughter feel more comfortable after giving birth to her first child, the brand’s founder began making these fashionable maternity dresses with wholesale satin ribbon sashes by hand in her own home. Now the satin ribbon is a signature trademark featured on every hand-tailored dress that adds an extra touch of charm that mothers love. Many moms also like the tasteful Milk Threads Maternity maxi dresses that feel casual to wear but look elegant due to the sophisticated touch of the satin ribbon sash. The creator of Milk Threads Maternity has this to say about the double faced satin ribbon from, “I like buying wholesale satin ribbon from Ribbon Bazaar because of the high quality and many different colors. Plus, shipping is really fast, which is great!”

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Wedding Wands and More Made With Satin Ribbon

wholesale satin ribbonI have been a freelance designer for many years, decades really. My history in design trails back to beginning my artistic career as a botanical illustrator for Missouri Botanical Gardens. Over the years, I have written craft books for Better Homes and Gardens,Mark Publishing and Meredith Books among others. My garden designs were included in Sunset gardening books. It is always about doing something creative.

The path of design has taken several turns over the years. While living in England, I specialized in textile design for home decor and children’s clothing. My passion for product development has led to designing products for the wedding industry. This has become my speciality for the past several years.
wholesale satin ribbon
I am delighted to find RB as a source for the ribbons and laces presently used for a most fun product collection that is sold via SaveonCrafts. Wedding whites along with pink and cream ribbons are featured on the wedding wands that are sellling very well on their website.

What seems like oceans of wholesale satin ribbon and lace are featured for the Shabby Chic satin ribbon garlands that are designed for use on the bride and groom’s reception chairs and as table surrounds. These are lovely for decorating a baby’s room as well.
wholesale satin ribbon

Blues, greens and purple double faced satin ribbons are being used on the new beach banners this company is carrying as well. At times, the studio looks and feels like a fabulous ribbon fair. Ribbons are draped everywhere and it rather feels like a bit of a fantasy world.

I must add that as a production artist as well as designer there is always the cost factor in organizing a project. Part of my work is in the sourcing and pricing area. The price and quality of the satin ribbons I have found at RB really do help make my products possible to bring to market.

It is to add, of course, a great encouragement to crafters and those who are creative to explore your ideas and think in terms of creating your own line of lovely products. The world always needs people adding something beautiful to our lives.

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Wildflowers and Lace Invitations Uses Our Satin Ribbons!

Wildflowers and Lace Invitations was founded in August of 2012 as a result Michelle Felux’s wedding. She wanted very specific
wedding invitations that featured lace, gold, navy blue as well as real, pressed bluebonnets. She looked around online and couldn’t find anyone who offered real pressed flowers on the invitations, so she decided to try her hand at designing her own! 200+ invitations later, she found that she enjoyed designing them, creating something truly unique for brides and being a part of someone’s most special day. She opened up her shop with her husband’s support and now she sells invitations nation-wide on Etsy. Her business is technically a partnership between her husband and herself, but nearly 100% of the time it will be she who you work with!
wholesale satin ribbon
Mrs. Felux’s business specializes in predominantly handmade, custom wedding stationery. She designs wedding invitations, save the dates, engagement announcements, thank you notes, menus, wedding signage, and soon, custom commemorative coasters. She uses RibbonBazaar’s double face satin ribbon of various sizes to really put the finishing touches on her stationery. The 1 1/2 inch ribbons serve as belly bands for some of her pocket folders, the 5/8 inch ribbon she uses to tie together wedding programs and certain invitation suites. She also likes to use lace to decorate some of the single card invitations.
wholesale satin ribbon
Mrs. Felux loves RibbonBazaar’s quality and value for her double face satin ribbons, which she buys wholesale. In her own words, “I have never found a company with so many options available online for such great prices.” Her business is located out of her home in a rural part of south Texas, so running to the city takes a lot of gas money as well as time, which means that RibbonBazaar provides the perfect option for everything she needs online.

She first searched for double face satin and lace when making her own invitations. She couldn’t find the right quantities, she realized she had to look for wholesale satin ribbon. Then, she finally found our store and the colors of Navy Blue and Cinnabar matched her invitations perfectly! She was so happy with the quality of our wholesale satin ribbons that she knew exactly who to use when she opened her shop in 2012.
wholesale satin ribbon
Today Mrs. Felux sells to more people around the nation than she has ever sold to in her hometown! She also sells internationally! Just shoot her a message if you’re in a different country and she will work with you to make a plan! Since everything is handmade, tons of special care is put into each order. Wildflowers and Lace Invitations takes the time to make sure everything is perfect!

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How to Use Satin Ribbon For Your Wedding

wholesale satin ribbon
After Susan McMonagle’s daughter Christine & her fiancé Adam exchanged vows April 26, 2014 at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Portland, Oregon, a reception followed at Waverley Country Club.

wholesale satin ribbonSatin ribbon from MIDORI were used to tie bridesmaid’s bouquets while Ribbon Bazaar’s wholesale satin ribbons were used for everything else, including to encircle the tiers of the wedding cake.

Seating cards were color-coded using RB ribbon denoting the entree each guest had chosen. They were displayed on a table decorated by wide satin ribbons matching the bridesmaids’ gowns. The wide satin ribbons were sewn to points and festooned with a bejeweled button.

wholesale satin ribbon
The wedding was also featured on the site MyWedding.Com

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How We Use Wholesale Satin Ribbon for Musical Invitations

When my husband and I decided on our wedding theme—1940s Hollywood—we wanted everything to be just right, and having the perfect invitation was really important to us. Unfortunately, no one offered musical wedding invitations, so I set out to design them myself. It took 8 months of hard work, but when all was said and done, I configured a beautiful box that sang “Fly Me to the Moon” (our wedding dance music) when opened.

A new idea for wedding invitations

My guests talked about the invitations so much that I decided to start a company so other brides can have something as unique and special. Personally, I feel there is room in the wedding invitations industry for musical invitations since many greeting cards today are musical.

Music Box Invites is only a year old. What sets us apart is our custom couture invitations with music. Customers can choose from dozens of songs or even have a song custom made for them. Our patent pending boxes hold lovely invitations that we can make for the client or that the client can buy elsewhere. We believe that every bride should have exactly what she wants on her big day. And the market agrees—one in five weddings cost more than $30,000. Music Box Invites offers brides unique invitations, a special detail that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Using satin ribbon for an elegant touch

We buy wholesale satin ribbons to use on the invites and boxes. I especially love Ribbon Bazaar’s sample service and the swatch books – both make my life easier. Plus, your customer service is excellent and shipping is so quick. I used another ribbon company before and they were awful; they sent me a sample and then when I ordered the actual product it was a completely different color and they refused to refund or exchange it, even though it was their fault. I couldn’t believe it, so I was very happy when I found your company.

Below are some more examples of our work!
wholesale satin ribbon

grosgrain ribbon wholesale
Grosgrain ribbon can add a special texture to your invitations.
wholesale satin ribbon
No matter your theme, satin ribbon can add a distinguished touch.

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