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Commemorating Our Exhibition at the 2015 Event Planner Expo!

Preparations are finally done, and we are ready to exhibit at The Event Planner Expo at the Metropolitan Pavilion. And to mark the event, we have a couple of sure-to-please announcements.

First off, to commemorate our place at the Expo, we will be offering a 15% discount on all our products through this Sunday, the 10th. Just enter 2015EXPO on the “Customer Code” box when checking out.

Also, we’ve finally decided to add volume discountsR at RB! That means orders over $300 will get 5% off, and those over $500 will get 10% off the entire order.

Wish us luck!

Here's a shot of the pre-show setup.
Here’s a shot of the pre-show setup.

How to Make a Multilayered, Houndstooth Patterened Bow with Tail

Welcome back to’s weekly web series that features how to make a variety of bows and other creatives.

In our second episode, we create a multilayered bow with a small loop in its center and a traditional-cut tail. It features an inner layer of four smaller loops and an outer layer of six larger loops. We use some scissors, 2-1/2″ wired houndstooth ribbon and floral wire to tie it in place.

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• Welcome back to’s weekly webseries on how to make bows!
• In this episode, we use a wired taffeta houndstooth-patterned ribbon to make a multi-layered bow.
• Just like last week, we need some florist wires to tie the bow, scissors to cut the ribbon, and a ruler to craft the bow to the desired size.
• We begin by measuring and cutting a yard of the ribbon to make the bow’s tail.
• Next, fold the ribbon in half length-wise and then half again width-wise.
• And then cut the ribbon diagonally as shown, to get the classic look for a bow’s tail.
• We can start crafting the bow’s loops by rolling a small amount of ribbon for the bow’s center.
• In our last episode, we showed this technique where our crafter turns the ribbon 180 degrees after each loop.
• To be honest, it wasn’t really necessary for that ribbon because it looked the same on both sides.
• But the importance of twisting the ribbon becomes apparent with this ribbon, because the houndstooth pattern is more visible on one side as compared to the other.
• So after each loop of the bow, we twist it to the opposite side so that the side we actually want to show is on the outside of each loop in the bow.
• Now that we’ve made the four smaller loops in the inner layer, we can move on to the six larger loops that will make up the outer layer.
• And as we speed this up, you can see how she tries her best to keep all these loops roughly the same length.
• We then cut the ribbon,
• And bring together the tail and the bow in one hand as shown.
• Then taking two florist wires, we run them through the center loop and wrap them around the bow and tail until taught, twisting until secure.
• Now, we take the flattened bow and, starting with the inner layer, we pull apart the smaller loops in four directions around the center loop.
• We then continue with the outer layer by pulling apart the larger loops in a symmetric fashion so that it all fits together.
• We’ll speed this up as our crafter finishes aligning all the loops and using the wire in the houndstooth ribbon’s edge to fluff up and given shape to the bow.
• And there you have it!
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• See you next time!