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Waterproof Wired Velvet Bow

  • Made from 2-1/2" and 4" wide, waterproof wired velvet outdoor ribbon with a gold edge.
  • The 16" wide bow has 44" long streamers and two layers of loops.
  • The 11" wide bow has 30" long streamers and a single layer of loops.
  • Note: Please note that since this is a hand-made bow, there may be a 1-2 day lead time to produce making it difficult to ship out same-day. If you require same day shipping, please contact us to confirm.
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Product Description

Waterproof Wired Velvet Bow

With the holiday season practically upon us, you want to have all of your decorations and gift trappings lined up and ready to go. When it comes to bows, you can't have a bow go limp, unravel, droop, or get so wet that it looks wrong. With velvet ribbon, water can stain it and make it look like the material was rescued from a basement flood. Avoid all of that mess by buying a waterproof wired velvet bow instead.

This decorative bow is a wired bow, which means it will never lose its shape no matter how you use it or how it is stored. If it is crushed under the weight of other gifts or smashed by a storm door when you use it on your Wreath, just take a few minutes to gently reshape it. The wiring in this Christmas bow is a godsend for keeping wreaths and large Christmas gifts well-decorated and looking "present"-able.

Additionally, it is waterproof, so it will never have any of those embarrassing water spots associated with winter weather or water exposure. Store these bows anywhere, hang them from your porch, use them to present a brand new car to a loved one at Christmas in the middle of a seasonal blizzard, etc.. It doesn't matter because these will never show any signs of being exposed to the elements or to water, humidity or moisture in your home.

This generously styled, shaped and ready-made Christmas bow takes the frustration out of having to make bows yourself, too. It is so large and elegantly well done that you needn't worry about having to figure out how to make it fancier. The many loops in its rosette design are all secured in the center by a single fine wire so that the bow never comes undone and will last as long as you want it to. The securing wire in the center also doubles as a a means of securing the bow to packages, wreaths, posts, or anywhere else you want to attach a velvet bow.

The sixteen-inch width works on the hood of a car, motorcycle, boat, bicycle or any other vehicle you want to give as a gift this year. The streamers dangling from the rosette are forty-four inches long, almost four feet and can extend vertically or diagonally from the bow. If you want to shorten the streamers or shape the streamers, the wiring in the ribbon allows you to do so.

Here are a few other decorating ideas for this red and gilt-edged bow:

  • Fold the streamers inward toward the middle of the bow and tuck underneath. Place the bow in the center of your holiday table and set tapered candles on either side. Voila! Instant holiday elegance for any holiday dinner!

  • Order several bows and attach them at intervals along your roof. Stream identical sash ribbon between the bows to decorate the eaves.

  • Order several bows and tie at even intervals down a banister in your home or along the top rails along your porch outside.

  • Place a bow on the back of each chair in your dining room.

  • Decorate barns and other outdoor structures on your property by attaching bows to doors, railings, eves, etc.

  • Attach a bow to any outdoor light posts in your yard or attach to the mailbox post.

  • Use in place of a tree topper and stream the streamers down the front or sides of your tree. Buy identical spooled wire ribbon to make bows for tree tips or use as a garland.

We suggest searching social media sites like Pinterest for additional decorating ideas, but you can create anything you want or recreate any of our ideas listed above. Explore our vast online catalog for additional holiday decorations and decorating products. Mix and match all kinds of holiday ribbon for the most unique and beautiful holiday decorations.

Special Suggestions for Businesses and Commercial Properties

These decorative bows are not just for residential use either. If you own a business and want to get into the holiday spirit, consider buying these bows and decorating the interior and exterior of your building with them. You can put them just about anywhere an accent decoration is needed or looks good. Their size is well within legal limits of decoration restrictions where decoration restrictions are in place in certain cities. (Be sure the bows are quite secure outside so that they do not become litter blowing in the wind.)

Use to Decorate for Other Holidays

Nobody says you have to use a red and gold-edged bow for Christmas only. Adding a little extra ribbon in white or pink makes this bow perfect for Valentine's Day. Use this bow in conjunction with white and/or blue bows to decorate for the Fourth of July (i.e. Independence Day) or for a political rally for the Republican party. You can leave these bows up through New Year's Eve, too, creating a pretty way to greet the New Year.

Wired Ribbon

This wired ribbon is wonderful for when you need something that holds its shape for bows and and similar creatives.

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