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Acetate Ribbon

Shop acetate ribbon in a wide selection of sizes, colors, and styles at RibbonBazaar! Known for its water-resistant properties, acetate ribbon is the ideal choice for floral arrangements and outdoor weddings. We offer a fantastic range of sizes, colors, and patterns, so you're sure to find the right item for your project. Whether you're celebrating Easter, Valentine's Day, or a birthday, you can decorate and wrap gifts with wholesale acetate floral ribbon! Browse our available products below or contact us today for more information.... more

Outdoor Satin Acetate Ribbon

Outdoor Satin Acetate Ribbon

This 100% acetate outdoor satin ribbon is the ribbon of choice for florists everywhere! It's a sure classic and versatile enough for any floral project.

Wired Iridescent Taffeta

Wired Iridescent Taffeta

Ideal for bows and wrapping gifts, this ribbon is made in the USA from an iridescent material that gives a characteristic sheen and has wired edges making it a versatile workhorse for the holiday season.