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Floral Supplies

RibbonBazaar is your source for wholesale floral supplies and ribbons! Whether you're a floral expert or a home DIYer, our line of professional-grade products is just what you need. Find wood picks, floral tape and wire, and water-resistant ribbons for your next arrangement. Our outdoor acetate and polyester ribbons are durable, versatile, and available in a wide range of stunning colors to match any event color scheme or home decor. Floral wood picks, wire, and tape are all basic necessities when preparing to create a floral masterpiece. Shop our available floral supplies now or contact us for more information! Our team is always happy to help you find just the right item for your unique project.... more

Outdoor Satin Acetate Ribbon

Outdoor Satin Acetate Ribbon

This 100% acetate outdoor satin ribbon is the ribbon of choice for florists everywhere! It's a sure classic and versatile enough for any floral project.

Outdoor Satin Polyester Ribbon

Outdoor Satin Polyester Ribbon

This outdoor florist ribbon has an embossed texture giving it a satin feel and is made of 100% polyester. It is ideal for use as a florist ribbons.