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Double Faced Satin Swatch Cards - Picture 1
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Double Faced Satin Swatch Cards

  • Seven page reference book containing 5/8" wide color samples & availability chart.
  • Has 131 color samples of our regular double faced satin ribbon.
  • A few longer samples are included on the back page in wider widths.
  • Order one for $15 including shipping!
  • Availability chart is subject to change.
Brand: Ribbon Bazaar
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Product Description

Shopping for the right satin ribbon can be hard. With so many choices available, there are a lot of factors that must be considered. Will the color match your project? Is the texture good enough to last? What width will best suit your needs? If you are struggling with these questions, it is time to streamline the shopping process with this sample book of swatch cards.

These swatch cards feature 131 samples of double sided satin. Each sample is listed with its name and product number for future reference. There are also a few longer samples in wider widths on the back page, which help establish the quality of this range of satin ribbon. With these swatch cards, shopping for the perfect satin ribbon is easier, faster and entirely free of doubts.

Customer Reviews

5 Star Rating Lovely
by Linda Tuskey on
Beautifully presented
5 Star Rating Swatch Cards
by Genette Fuller on
It took me a while but after making a few poor color choices ordering from the internet previously, I finally got smart and ordered the swatch card. I'll have no excuse when I make a color mistake in the future.
5 Star Rating Handy
by Donna Reed on
So handy to have this swatch card! It will be very useful to get the right shade of blue, or green, or whatever!
5 Star Rating Awesome
by sandi goodrich on
Absolutely perfect, exactly what I needed for my business. I am glad that I found your company on the internet. I will be ordering ribbons for my brides
5 Star Rating True Colors
by Rebecca Palmer on
Comparing Ribbon colors online is impossible. I was super excited to find this Swatch Card. I have yet to find another company who offers one. I will definitely purchase from a company whose ribbon colors I can see first hand and cut out the possibly of purchasing a spool of ribbon that doesn't quite match right!

Very pleased!
3 Star Rating Owner/designer
by Jennifer Ferencz- Barato on
I ordered the swatch cards awhile ago for my business...and thought they were perfect to figure out which ribbon to order for clients' wedding orders.

I just found out there is no 'red' ribbon in the swatch cards, while trying to check if it would match David's Bridal's Apple Red...and there are others missing as well.
The swatch card has 116 colors, while the double sided ribbon page on the website has 123. I haven't gone through to figure out what else is missing...but red? Seriously?

I would have expected the missing ribbon colors to be attached, even as separate swatches in an envelope, to make the collection complete.

Does it help? Sure.
But it obviously isn't what it is supposed to be, without all of the colors that can be ordered at the time the swatch book is ordered.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your review. We are aware of the issue; apparently some of the swatch cards accidentally had their Red samples removed, but we are currently working to fix all our remaining stock to ensure that it is complete.

We will be mailing you a sample of the red today.

5 Star Rating Swatch Cards
by Diane L Burrows on
I ordered swatch cards to see & and feel the product and to get more accurate color samples for my embroidery business. I ordered the products late on Friday night and received my order on Monday. I will definitely order from Ribbon Bazaar again.

My only complaint with this vendor is having to pay a restocking fee on returns and there was no preprinted return label.
5 Star Rating Very nice sample card and excellent customer service!
by Julie Driver on
Really pleased with the quality and usefulness of this swatch card. Customer service was top notch as well. Before placing my order, I contacted Ribbon Bazaar by email with some questions. They answered quickly and were incredibly helpful, offering to include an extra sample of a different style of ribbon at no charge. Shipping was very fast, too.
5 Star Rating A helpful and quality product!
by Melanie Ryan on
I ordered the swatch cards in both double faced satin and luxious satin for my business. I am an event florist and having the swatch cards allows my brides to easily pick the exact color they would like their bouquets wrapped in! I'm looking forward to being able to easily order the perfect colors for my clients without any disappointing surprises! Thank you!
5 Star Rating Nice Touch!
by Jennifer Bell on
Love that this came with the order! Takes the guess work out for me!
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