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RB Stories

Share Your Story on Our Blog!

Have a mean creative streak? Or jazz up your product line with RB goodies? We want to hear from you and share your DIY projects, elegant wedding decorations, and creative product embellishments on our blog.

It's simple: send us as much information, photos and even videos as you're willing to comfortably and publicly share, and we will write up a snazzy blog post showcasing your projects, business, and whatever fun and quirky bits you like. If this sounds appealing to you then simply contact us or email us with as much as you like of the following:

  • The name of your business and when it was established.
  • Some background on how your business came to be.
  • Some background on what your business does/specializes in.
  • How you use ribbons, laces, and craft and/or floral supplies in your projects.
  • Any thoughts on your experience in using and its products and services.
  • The circumstances that led you to search for and find us.
  • Pictures or videos showing your establishment and products, and in particular showing how our products have been used.
  • Any other relevant or quirky facts about your business that you find worth sharing.

While this list is focused around businesses, don't hesitate if you're not one! Become the ribbon guru you were meant to be. And of course, we won't publish the post until we send you a sample for approval first.

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