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Our Company is the online branch of Cottage Lace & Ribbon Co

Located in Neptune City, NJ, we have been operating in the ribbon business for 15 years now and are still going strong. Aisle after aisle of ribbons, bows and decorative supplies makes one thing clear: we're serious about ribbons.

A reoccurring theme of working here is the surprised and, for some, almost mesmerized look of the unsuspecting locals who happen upon this little gem of a ribbon shop. But to us, it's only when we receive these "wow" reactions from our customers that we are reminded of how unique a place we've had the privilege of building over the years.

We also have books of swatch cards available for purchase for those individuals interested in seeing our full line of available patterns, sizes and colors.

Our largest users of ribbon are folks looking for a place to get some ribbon for those special events, including weddings, birthday parties, and holidays, as well as to wrap some gifts.

While the site doesn't yet offer this service, at our local branch you can personalize your satin ribbons with your choice of text and emblems.

Those who know us and the quality of our ribbons come from all corners of the tri-state area to see us. So if you're in or around New Jersey, drop by today to get the full experience of what it feels like to walk around the ribbon store of New Jersey.

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